Computer Based Information Systems (CBIS)

The term CIBS explains as interrelated components that collect, manipulate, and disseminate data and information and provide feedback to meet an objective.

Computer Based Information Systems (CBIS)

The tangible devices used in a computer system. i.e. Monitor, CPU, Speakers etc.


A collection of logic & procedures programmed to hardware devices used to perform specific task or series of tasks. I.e. Microsoft Word, Calculator.

Regular users

The users who use computer systems to create, use, and disseminate data and information during day-today operations like data entry, view reports, perform automated operations etc.

Data & Information

A collection of data that are used during business operation stored in a systematic manner to be used effectively. I.e Microsoft Access, Oracle RDBMS.


The technology and process involved in connecting one or more devices together that facilitate data transfer between devices. I.e. the Internet, Local Networks, Bluetooth etc


The organisational specific business strategies, approaches, and policies that needs to be utilised during the use of Information Systems. I.e. Taxation laws, Privacy related regulations etc

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