Comparison on free Git service providers

The distributed version control system Git has become a popular option among the development community. (If you are new to the git version control system please read the article : getting started with Git version control system)

This article compares the popular free Git service provides based on the features they provide.

Public Vs. Private Repos:
  • Public projects can be accessed (view, download or cloned) without authentication by simply accessing the repository over HTTPS.
  • Private projects can only be  accessed (view, download or cloned) by members who have granted the permissions.
Large file support (LFS) Maximum capacity:
CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery)
  • Ability to automatically run integration tasks when the project is updated. (Read more on this under CI CD article)
Issue Tracking 
  • A software tool to list and visualise project related tasks including features and to-do items that will be followed during the project workflow. (Read more on Kanban and Scrum boards)
Project Wiki
  • Used to maintain the project documentation.
Project Management Tools:
  • Set of software tools to manage the workflow by managing project resources and workflows.
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